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Construction steel capacity survey data reports

Survey data show that the times I Nengchan Network construction steel production line survey involving a total of 26 provinces, municipalities and 222 mills, 566 construction steel production lines, production capacity totaled 447.4 million tons; the survey sample increased compared to 2012 18 mills, 36 production lines.

The survey sample construction steel mills in 2012 the total design capacity of 447.4 million tons, representing an increase of 48.79 million tons in 2011, an increase of 12.24%; while the sample construction steel mills in 2012 the actual production was 350.736 million tons, compared with 2011 an increase of 6.006 million tons, an increase of only 1.74%, compared with production capacity growth is slowing down. On the other hand this is reflected in the capacity utilization. Sample construction steel mills in 2012 capacity utilization was 78.39%, compared with 84.56% in 2011 fell 6.17 percent. Notably, steel, Hebei and Jiangsu province compared with 2011 average annual capacity utilization has improved, especially in Jiangsu province, to enhance the rate of 11.13%; contrast, higher capacity utilization 2011 Chongqing, Shaanxi and other provinces, 2012 showed a sharp decline.



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